The only thing true in this article is that it is all scripted.

All countries are in the deception together. Just see how they are cooperating with tax information. You can’t open a bank account in India without signing documents making you FATCA compliant, and allowing all your data to be given to the United States.

In exchange India is given elite nation status, along with all the fake accomplishments like space travel. But India has to also keep the voters happy by not claiming they spend more tax payer money on meaningless space exploration, so they create space budgets ridiculously low, like the mars mission for just 74 million USD.

Conveniently India won’t land on any moon landing site used in the past by other countries. That would destroy the scam if they had to photograph the Apollo landing sites and the fake images didn’t match what they should.

Also very convenient that the rover will only last 14 days. So they don’t have to go on providing “live feeds” or doctored images for long. I am sure it was all part of negotiations for the script. The US won’t allow them to extend the story further for risk of inconsistencies in their pictures and videos. Last time China sent a probe to the moon, they took photos that didn’t look anything like NASA’s past photos.