The universe exists independent of our perception of it. The eyes and senses are like the imperfect screens of a cell phone. Some model will have higher resolution and some lower, some are black and white, some are color, some can show photos in 3d, some can’t. Various phones can display the same image data but it will look completely different depending on the capacity of the device.

Our eyes don’t have the capacity to capture the universe, and our perception of it is just the interpretation of various data through our imperfect limited senses.

The world is not existing as our eyes perceive it. Pratyaksha is always an inferior pramana because it is based on faulty processing of data through various machines (the senses and mind).

To see the universe properly we need to upgrade our “machine” through yoga sadhana. Even then we are just increasing our perception, but still never perceiving it as is.

The Vedic shastras explain the universe from the perspective of the perfected souls who’s material senses have been purified and upgraded to the highest state possible. If there is any possibility to see the universe as it is, it is only through the eyes of such sages and rishis.