This is supposed to be the hole in the International Space Station which was “plugged by an astronaut’s finger”. Look at the small hole on the left. They said it was 2 millimeters in diameter. Now look at the depth of the hole. It is around half the size of the diameter. So they want us to believe the entire shell of the ISS is 1 millimeter thick.

They said it was leaking air out, so that means that is the totality of the protective shell of the ISS – a 1 millimeter sheet of aluminum.

They say it is travelling at 17,000 miles per hour, in the extreme heat and cold of space, surrounded by dangerous micro meteors… and they have a space station that is 1 millimeter thick.

There is no ISS and there are no humans in space. All rockets go in an arch and fall into the ocean, as every launch video shows.