The story was so stupid, that they had to look for some excuse to cover up the lie. First it was a meteorite, and the hole was plugged by an astronaut’s finger.

The photo that was originally tweeted of it turned out to be an old photo from 2006.

The fact is these people are idiots. They were fine with the old photo till people realized it wasn’t real. Then one of them had to make a hole with a drill to backup the story, but he scuffed up the panel while drilling. Once the scuffed photo was released it was obviously not a meteorite.

Of course highly trained astronauts couldn’t decipher that fact. To them it was a meteorite strike, despite the obvious scratch damage around the hole on the inside of the craft.

Once people started to question the new photo of the hole, they needed to cover up their idiocity, so they made the new story of the drill.

And apparently the hull of the ISS is just one millimeter thick. Look at the photo, they said the diameter of the hole is 2 millimeters, and you can see the depth is half of that. The hull of the ISS is 1 millimeter thick!

And they already said it was leaking air out, so thats the entire covering of the space station to the outside. Someone’s hand slipped holding a drill and it managed to make a hole through the hull of the ship which was apparently just 1 mm thick, and that’s how the air was leaking out….

The ISS is supposed to be travelling at 17,000 miles per hour, through the extreme cold and heat of space, being bombarded by deadly micro meteors, yet the hull of the space station is 1 millimeter thick and an ordinary drill can make a hole in it.

Just look at the photo, you can see obviously a drill slipped and made the scratches from the inside. How does that tally with their story that air was leaking out of the ISS into space? …and they had to do an emergency plug with their finger to save the day.

If this part of the story isn’t true then none of it is true. There is no ISS, and there are no humans in space.