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NASA and the Art of Pretending to Track Objects in Space

Nasa claims to be tracking 400 pieces of debris created by India destroying a satellite in space, with pieces as small as 2 inches.  They want us to believe they can instantly track hundreds or thousands of tiny pieces of debris (as small as 2 inches) situated randomly throughout the vast space area above the earth covering hundreds of millions of square miles. They can’t even find planes crashed in the ocean right next to us, but they make up these stories that they can instantly located 2 inch debris in unlimited space. They made a similar claim that they...

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Israel Takes a Picture of the Earth from the Moon

Israel gives us a “picture of earth from space”. Again their camera is worse than my cell phone. I can get beautifully detailed pictures of the moon from the earth (240,000 miles away) using a cheap camera, but no space agency can get a clear picture of the earth from space much closer with no obstructing atmosphere. Compare their picture of the earth to a picture of the moon taken with a relatively inexpensive P1000 camera from earth (10 times further away, and through the obstructive atmosphere). There are no real pictures of earth from space. Everything we have...

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Stunning Satellite Photo Shows What the Vernal Equinox Looks Like from 22,000 Miles Away?

Yup… sure… that’s a real photo. You can see clouds on the dark side of the earth, completely opposite the sun. They aren’t even trying. And the phenomena of the earth being half lit and half dark would occur EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s nothing spectacular or unusual. The calendar plays no role in that. The sun is always going to light half the planet and keep half the planet dark. And if you really had satellites, you could position them to take that photo every single...

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NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Launching Up Into Space?

Here are pictures of NASA’s Parker solar probe being launched “up” into space… From NASA: “Inside the corona, it’s also, of course, unimaginably hot. The spacecraft will travel through material with temperatures greater than a million degrees Fahrenheit while being bombarded with intense sun light. So, why won’t it melt? Parker Solar Probe has been designed to withstand the extreme conditions and temperature fluctuations for the mission. The key lies in its custom heat shield and an autonomous system that helps protect the mission from the Sun’s intense light emission, but does allow the coronal material to “touch” the...

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Meteorite Causes Hole in the ISS?

The story was so stupid, that they had to look for some excuse to cover up the lie. First it was a meteorite, and the hole was plugged by an astronaut’s finger. The photo that was originally tweeted of it turned out to be an old photo from 2006. The fact is these people are idiots. They were fine with the old photo till people realized it wasn’t real. Then one of them had to make a hole with a drill to backup the story, but he scuffed up the panel while drilling. Once the scuffed photo was released...

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How Thick is the Shell of the ISS?

This is supposed to be the hole in the International Space Station which was “plugged by an astronaut’s finger”. Look at the small hole on the left. They said it was 2 millimeters in diameter. Now look at the depth of the hole. It is around half the size of the diameter. So they want us to believe the entire shell of the ISS is 1 millimeter thick. They said it was leaking air out, so that means that is the totality of the protective shell of the ISS – a 1 millimeter sheet of aluminum. They say it...

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Seeing the Universe from the Vedic Perspective

The universe exists independent of our perception of it. The eyes and senses are like the imperfect screens of a cell phone. Some model will have higher resolution and some lower, some are black and white, some are color, some can show photos in 3d, some can’t. Various phones can display the same image data but it will look completely different depending on the capacity of the device. Our eyes don’t have the capacity to capture the universe, and our perception of it is just the interpretation of various data through our imperfect limited senses. The world is not...

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Stephen Hawking’s Mysterious New Teeth

Stephen Hawking was such a genius, he was able to grow a whole new set of teeth to replace the rotten teeth he had when younger. The illuminati mock human society by taking a braindead vegetable and convincing the world that he is the smartest person on the planet. He wasn’t even a real person as they presented him. He was a vegetable used as a dummy prop to speak whatever they wanted him to say. Most people diagnosed with ALS die within 3 or 4 years. The only person in history to live for 55+ years with ALS...

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